Reader’s Notebook: Various Items

I have attached various items that you may enjoy:

EDUC 536J – Biographical Sketch

EDUC 536J – Biography Book List

EDUC 536J – Engaging the Disengaged Student

EDUC 536J – Graphic Novels Book List

EDUC 536J – Historical Fiction Book List

EDUC 536J – Letter to Student

EDUC 536J – Poetry, Short Story, Drama Book List

EDUC 536J – Text Dependent Questions

EDUC 536J – Vocabulary Assignment

EDUC 536J – Thinking Map



Reader’s Notebook: 10-1-2014

Hello again,

On this rainy Tuesday, I have attached a creative RAFT I composed after reading the nonfiction story by Diane Stanley and Peter Vennema, Bard of Avon: The Story of William Shakespeare. Hopefully, this will entertain you and inspire you to write your own piece.

Please note, however, that the opinions in this RAFT do not reflect my own, but rather, the character I was portraying: Will Kempe. Kempe had left Shakespeare’s theater company after a disagreement, and was known to interrupt the play to make the audience laugh, which Shakespeare did not like. More about Kempe is in Stanley and Vennema’s story, but that background information may be helpful for when you read my RAFT. Please know that I actually appreciate Shakespeare and his great works.